OpenNode builds open-source infrastructure management software and implements cloud systems.

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salt-safeguard - safe change management with SaltStack

Using SaltStack with production environments can be potentionally dangerous - as simple human mistake can have high impact. Salt-safeguard is here to offer some protection.

Building own RPM packages

This article describes how you can set up your own RPM packaging repository and build RPM packages from upstream sources using git-buildpackage-rpm tool.

OpenNode 6 Update 3 (OVS) released

This stable OS release has been rebased to CentOS 6.5 and is introducing Openvswitch as a host bridge networking stack with support for VETH based VLANs and network bandwidth throttling.


OpenNode OS Try Now

Creates a stable cloud infrastructure fabric. Supports OpenVZ and KVM hypervisors. Comes with a rich set of application templates. The best choice for non-intrusive optimisation of your existing IT solution.

NodeConductor Try Now

Human-friendly devops companion. Control and enforce best practices of system administration across your infrastructure. Out-of-the-box central monitoring, event tracking, backups and much more.

NodeNet coming soon

Network administration UI for devops. Simple way to describe complex routing and firewall rules. Supports OpenStack Neutron, Cisco IOS and HP. Easy to learn, easy to use.


Cloud implementation

We build clouds using best practices and open technologies, and work daily with AWS, Rackspace and OpenStack. We have a successful track record ranging from internal company clouds to government clouds hosting public sector applications.

Cloud monitoring

Always be aware of what is happening with your infrastructure. We make sure that you know what is happening to your phsyical and virtual servers, network equipment, applications, backups, build farms and much more.

Cloud trainings

We offer trainings for getting hands-on experience on various aspects of private and public clouds. For the full list of courses, please contact the email below.

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